eWorld Dispatch 2 – The Hackett Group’s Chris Sawchuk Delivered a Unique Keynote on Procurement Agility

It is always interesting to hear individuals such as The Hackett Group’s Chris Sawchuk speak at events such as eWorld 2010 for a variety of reasons including to gain a perspective on how analyst firms view the world of procurement and supply chain practice.

Chris Sawchuk Delivers Keynote at eWorld 2010

As you know, and as highlighted in my August 27th post “Practical Experience Over Technological Know How: Why the Industry Landscape is Shifting” I have not always . . . okay hardly ever, been a fan of firms such as Aberdeen and Gartner simply because their perspectives have historically failed to have a meaningful impact on the high rate of e-Procurement initiative failures.

That being said, I have always viewed Sawchuk’s Hackett Group as a unique operation in its own right based on the diversity of its coverage that similar to that of the PI Social Media Network’s extends beyond the oligarchical confines of an industry that has long been dominated by the cozy associations between industry pundits and the vendors they are supposed to be covering.

Therefore The Hackett Group’s take is almost always refreshingly broader than the myopically inclined views that are usually available through purportedly reliable sources and wellsprings of knowledge within the sector itself.

Sawchuk’s take on the world as demonstrated by his opening keynote titled “Agile Procurement: A New Value Proposition for a Volatile World,” which is available on an on-demand basis over the Blog Talk Radio Network, clearly demonstrates the advantages of possessing a much broader lens on business in general when discussing emerging trends in the procurement world. After all, when he references a comment made by Jack Stack, who is the author of one of the 100 most popular business books of all time (The Great Game of Business) – who was also a guest on the PI Window on Business Show – you know there are going to be some true nuggets of rare wisdom worth hearing.

I of course will leave it to you to tune in to Sawchuk’s keynote and share your opinion on his observations.

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